Week of Prayer and Fasting 2021

“Moreover, when you fast… But you, when you fast…” Matthew 6:16,17

In addressing His disciples, it is clear that Jesus knew they would follow His example to fast and pray. Fasting is done for a variety of reasons by many people; athletes fast to purge their bodies so they can perform better. Physicians advise fasting for some conditions or ailments. Cults and other groups fast to awaken or get the attention of their gods. The ‘fasting’ that God calls us to and the one that Jesus modeled is done with the purpose of putting God first. Biblical fasting is done for many reasons, such as:

1. To obey God. (Isaiah 58:6)

2. To deny the flesh when seeking God’s will. (Daniel 9:3)

3. To strengthen the spiritual man. (Matthew 4:2)

4. To honor God, without seeking the attention from men. (Matthew 6:16)

5. To open our eyes and heart to what God desires to do in and through us. (Acts 13:2,3)

Fasting helps us to see the heart of God. Fasting helps to awaken us to what God is saying. Also, in a very intriguing way, fasting invokes the power of God in a given situation or need. (Mark 9:29)

A fast can be done in a variety of ways, for example: Daniel was led by the Spirit to abstain from the Babylonian delicacies (Daniel 1:8). The most commonly used fast is from food, although some people choose instead to abstain from other fleshly desires and liberties. (1Corinthians 7:5).

The early church fasted regularly and prayed for God’s strength, provision and protection.

With these truths in mind, I ask you to join us in a week of fasting and prayer beginning this Sunday at 6:00pm here at the church. Sunday evening will be a time of worship and praise and prayer followed by prayer meetings at different times throughout the week. (See schedule below).

I will be sending out prayer points and personal perspectives throughout the week and I encourage you to share with others what God is showing you during this week of prayer. I encourage to join together with us, as you are able to, as we seek His direction and blessing. Wherever you pray from, it is my desire that you sit before Him, love Him and allow Him to lead you. He will lead you in prayer, He will reveal His love and He will guide you into all truth.

Joyfully serving Jesus alongside you,

Pastor Dan

“Is this not the fast I have chosen; to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, to let the oppressed go free and to break every yoke?” Isaiah 58:6