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About Oasis Youth Group


is to encourage our youth to become disciples of Jesus Christ who have a heart of prayer, and a desire to worship God. (Matt. 28:19)


is for the next generation to grow spiritually in their desire to worship and serve our Lord (Luke 4:8).


1. “Preaching the Word”  The Bible/The Gospel is our main emphasis through all we do.  (2 Tim. 3:16)

2. “Encourage Obedience to God”  Discipleship creates spiritual accountability and support for the believer. (Luke 22:42)

3. “Love one another as I have loved you”  Service is a proactive way for us to be able to show our world Christ.  (John 3:16)

4. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart” Worship is the believers expression of their commitment to God. (Rom 12:1-2)

5. “Go and make disciples”  Missions/ Evangelism is the believers command to Go out and live missional lives which impacts those within our sphere of influence.  (Matt. 28:19)



is the power of God for salvation, it is the everlasting word of the Lord that will stand forever.



is growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, the process by which one becomes more like His Son.



is meeting the needs of others in love. God has uniquely shaped each of us to serve in some way.



is celebrating God’s presence, depending wholly upon him, and honoring him with our lifestyle.



is sharing & living the life-changing message of Jesus Christ among those who don’t have a personal relationship with him.

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Email Micah Schaufele at if you have any questions about Oasis Youth Group

Upcoming Events

Winter Camp 2021
We are still having our annual Youth Winter Camp at Quaker Hill Camp in McCall. The lesson key word this year is “Forward Motion” focusing on being able to continue onward in the journey that God has for you and learning not to dwell in the past, despite the difficult circumstances that life often brings. There will be daily Bible sessions and devotions as well as games, sledding, snowball fights, ziplining, and more! We will be taking extra precautions for Covid-19 at the camp, such as extra surface wipedowns and increased distancing when possible. We will be leaving Friday January 1st. Please be in the Church Parking lot by 11am for check-in We will be returning by 4:30pm on Sunday January 3rd. A signed Medical Release Form for the year 2021 is required, there is a downloadable PDF of the form included below that you can print out and turn in to the church office, you can pick up a physical form from the office as well. There is also a three minute instructional video explaining what the form is and how to fill it out. Please view the flier below for more info and a packing list. If you have any questions please contact Micah via email at  REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED.

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