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Foundation Study

Biblical Principals for a Strong Foundation is a 8 week study establishing and examining the foundational principles necessary for a victorious Christian life. Provided below is a PDF of the 8 week study as well as weekly blog post from Pastor Dan. 
Blog Posts: 
During our recent study through the book of Nehemiah I came across this poem, “O Breath of Life”, originally written by Bessie Porter Head. As I read through it I sensed that this was a cry and request for the church here in Mountain Home. Presented to the worship team, they took the poem and arranged it to this song.
By His Grace,
Pastor Dan
Link to the song: 

Helpful Study Sources

Blue Letter Bible –
Is a great resource that allows you to access a variety
of Bible commentaries, Bible reference, Theological
resources, music, and media.
Always Be Ready –
Is a apologetic ministry that seeks to provide people
with well-researched information on different issues
and beliefs.

Other Great Resources

Calvary Chapel – 
Offers a number of articles and videos on a
variety of different topics and current issues.