Pastor Saeed Update & Prayer Request

A few weeks ago I asked everyone to pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini who is being held prisoner in Iran. Pastor Saeed and his wife Nagmeh have visited here in Mountain Home and were helpful in our mission efforts in North Africa and India as they shared what God had done in their lives. The following is Pastor Saeed’s letter to his family which reveals a glimpse of his heart and commitment to Jesus:     

     “When I heard that empty Christmas settings were placed during Christmas as a reminder of my imprisonment and those imprisoned for Christ, tears of joy filled my eyes. I was able to share about this with other prisoners and they were shocked by the love and support we have for each other in Jesus. I told them how in the Bible we are all considered brothers and sisters (despite race, color, or nationality) and we are to share in each other’s pains.  This comes from our Lord. The Word of God says that when we are persecuted for our faith, we are to count it all joy. When I think that all of these trials and persecutions are being recorded in heaven for me, my heart is filled with complete joy. 

     The Bible says that the Joy of the Lord is our strength. Without the joy of the Lord we cannot live. It is this joy in our life that gives us strength to continue in this life. Without strength, we cannot continue the work of the Lord and without joy, there is no strength.

     I always wanted God to make me a godly man. I did not realize that in order to become a godly man we need to become like steel under pressure. It is a hard process of warm and cold to make steel.  The process in my life today is one day I was told I will be freed on bail to see my family and kids on Christmas (they are all lies) and the next day I am told I will hang for my faith in Jesus. One day there are intense pains after beatings in interrogations, the next day they are nice to you and offer you candy. These hot and colds only make you a man of steel for moving forward in expanding His Kingdom.

     When for 120 days you are asleep in a room with one big light that is constantly lit and does not separate day or night and when you can only see true sunlight for a few minutes a week, that’s when you are becoming His Workmanship and you can be a vessel in bringing His Kingdom in a dark place and you are able to share the Gospel of Peace and Life to the dying world. And this is where you learn you can love your enemies with all of your heart.

     I am looking forward to the day to see all of you who are behind me with your prayers and to embrace you in my arms. Thank you for the love you have showed me. What is in us is stronger than what is in the world and it has conquered the world.”

Pastor Saeed Abedini,
In chains for our Lord Jesus Christ


I ask that you continue to pray for Pastor Saeed as he faces trial on Monday, January 21st in Iran. Please also sign the petition and contact your state governor, your congressman and representatives to encourage them to take action for this American citizen. Time is of the essence!


“Remember the prisoners as if chained with them – those who are mistreated – since you yourselves are in the body also.”  – Hebrews 13:3

In His grace,
Pastor Dan


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